• Do You Want To Tango?

    15 mei 2020

    Na lang wachten mochten deze week dan eindelijk óók de kappers weer aan het werk. Voor iedereen fijn!

    Mijn schilderij 'Do You Want To Tango' hangt momenteel in Doorn bij kapsalon Mate. 

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  • Life is both beautiful and vulnerable

    24 maart 2020

    MIRACLE OF LIFE is my latest painting.

    It is part of a series of eighteen paintings divided into six triptychs.

    A colorful story on the circles of universe, earth and humanity. 

    About how everything is constantly moving in a process of action and reaction.

    Ironically, the exposition scheduled last weekend, had to be postponed due to corona.

    Life is not always makeable, often unpredictable, both beautiful and vulnerable.

    Take care and hope to see you soon!



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  • Expositie Circle of Life UITGESTELD

    16 maart 2020

    Het leven ontwierp een cirkel met rare uitsteeksels.

    De expositie Circle of Life wordt uitgesteld.

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  • Epoxy

    14 maart 2020

    Voor het eerst epoxy gebruikt,

    als afwerking van mijn laatste schilderijenserie Circle of Life.


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  • The making of the Circles

    3 maart 2020

    Na een aantal jaren van voorbereiding is het eindelijk zover ... een nieuwe expositie :

    Circle of Life

    Een vertelling over de cirkels van het leven.

    20, 21 en 22 maart te zien in de Napoleonschuur in Amerongen.

    In 2015 wilde ik iets gaan maken dat ging over 'het leven'. Maar hoe? 

    Het werd een een uitdijend project waarin ik probeer orde te brengen in een explosie van beelden.

    Pas in 2018 wist ik hoe en wat ik wilde gaan schilderen.

    De schilderijen kregen een ritme in zes drieluiken.

    Graag tot dan!

     februari 2018

     september 2019

     januari 2020

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  • Free speech is crucial to everyone's life

    7 februari 2020

    Li Wenlian, a 33-year-old Chinese ophthalmologist based in Wuhan, the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, died on Friday. Dr. Li has become a folk hero after he was arrested for warning about the dangers of the deadly new virus now spreading around the world.

    Millions op people flocked to a live stream about Dr. Li that was run by local media outside the hospital where he was being treated. In social-media posts, many Chinese direct their frustration at government officials who many believe didn’t respond quickly enough despite clear evidence of the developing epidemic. 

    The Wuhan government doesn’t disclose the number of infected medical staff. To date, the most notable indication of infections among the medical community has come from Zhong Nanshan, another prominent doctor and a veteran of the 2003 SARS crisis, who disclosed in January that 14 medical staff had been infected by one patient.


    "No one is allowed to tell the truth," a user who goes by JamesBOYS posted on Weibo, a popular social media site in China.

    "Free speech is crucial to everyone's life," 胃肠外科颜值担当 says on Weibo.


    On Dec. 30, Dr. Li sent a message to former classmates on WeChat, a popular messaging app, warning them of new cases of severe acute respiratory syndrome, or SARS (the coronavirus that spread in China and throughout the world in 2003). He later corrected that, saying it was an unknown coronavirus. He recalled seeing reports in December of an unusual cluster of pneumonia cases linked to an animal market in Wuhan.

    Dr. Li was arrested en interrogated by party disciplinary officials and hospital management, who accused him of spreading rumors en forced him to write a self-criticism.

    “They told me not to publish any information about this online,” Dr. Li told the Beijing Youth Daily in late January. “Later, the epidemic started to spread noticeably. I’d personally been treating someone who was infected, and whose family got infected, and so then I got infected.”

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  • ADJ workshops

    24 september 2019


    Een gezellige ochtend, waarin het plezier van het schilderen centraal staat.

    Kom je ook?

    annekedejager workshops

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  • The struggle for the future of Hong Kong

    27 augustus 2019

    This is a protest drawing in the style of a Japanese comic, made by a graphic designer who calls himself Heung Shing.(Heung Shing is a fictional city appearing in examinations for students in Hong Kong).

    It is one of many drawings used in the unrest in Hong Kong.

    The protests, which started as a peaceful rebuke of the Hong Kong government back in April, have evolved into a direct challenge to Communist Party rule over this former British colony.

    Are anti-government demonstrators young Hong Kong heroes bravely fighting a brutal police force? Or are they anarchists fired up by the West? What to believe?

    The struggle for the future of Hong Kong is a struggle for imaging.


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  • Banana protest in Poland

    1 mei 2019

    Natalia LL, Consumer Art has been on display at the National Museum in Warsaw for several years, as a critical comment on food shortages under communist rule in the 1970s. Also, Natalia LL was one of the first artists to step forward and criticise conceptual art for excessive rationalisation and avoidance of physical sensuality.

    It has been removed from display by the museum's new head of Poland's national gallery, Jerzy Miziolek, sparking a social media protest. 

    Protesters have reacted by posting photos of them eating bananas on Facebook and Twitter to ridicule the ban. 

    Actress Magdalena Cielecka posted an image online of her pointing a banana at her head like a gun. She said it was in protest against any ideological or political limits put on artists, adding ‘an artist, to create, must be free.’

    The government has tried to downplay the banana protests claiming that it will lead to obesity because apples have fewer calories... :-)))) lol

    The dispute is the latest in a string of controversies surrounding art and culture under the conservative and nationalist government that won power in 2015.

    Culture Minister Piotr Glinski has repeatedly drawn criticism for cutting subsidies to art festivals that were planning to show controversial theatre plays on Catholic themes. Glinski also fired a popular theatre director who criticised him as well as the director of a World War II museum, saying the exhibition did not show Poland’s suffering or heroism enough.

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  • Individuele vrijheid

    8 april 2019

    Deze foto werd gemaakt in 2016, tijdens de onthulling van mijn schilderij van pater Frans van der Lugt door priester Pierre Valkering in de Obrechtkerk te Amsterdam.

    Het schilderij maakte deel uit van mijn portrettenserie HUMAN over mensen die bereid zijn een opoffering te doen om een verschil te maken. Pater Frans van der Lugt sprak zich uit tegen de polarisatie die plaats vindt tijdens oorlogstijd. Hij zag vooral ‘de mens’. Deze week is het alweer vijf jaar geleden, dat hij in Syrië werd vermoord.

    Toeval wil, dat ook priester Pierre Valkering deze dagen in het nieuws is. Ter gelegenheid van zijn 25-jarig priesterschap, presenteerde hij zijn boek ‘Ontkleed niet naakt staan’, waarin hij schrijft over zijn homoseksualiteit en pleit voor meer openheid binnen de katholieke kerk en een minder rigide seksuele boodschap. Hij werd meteen door de bisschop op non actief gesteld.

    Je moet sterk in je schoenen staan om als individu in opstand te komen.

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